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Mistress Kate

Geplaatst : Monday, March 15, 2021 05:22 AM

Here you can get to know a bit more about me, Mistress Kate, a red-haired, fiery, spirited MistressI really enjoy engaging in all kinds of BDSM play, and watching my play partners enjoy themselves as well. To me, BDSM is playing with mind and body in a way thats enjoyable for both parties involved. The fact that some sessions can be on the edge of a persons limits makes it even more exciting for both me and him/her; I consider those the truly intense sessions.I do not only play with submissive men, but with women as well. And of course that goes for couples as well, regardless of if only one partner is submissive, or both. And if necessary, I will happily help them get started in this wonderful, delightful world of BDSM.I can truly enjoy humiliating submissives, tricking and surprising them, laughing at them, challenging them, teasing them, hurting them, torturing them, spanking them, exploring their limits (and even occasionally my own as well), immobilizing them, spitting them in the face, making them helpless, giving them orders, playing with them in public, engaging in doggy play with them, using strap-ons on them (yummy), having them take care of me, going shopping with them, or out to dinner. But I also enjoy turning a slave into a whore, using him like a slut, peeing on him or locking him up. Having him polish my boots, paint my nails and making him my doormatBy the way: of course inexperienced beginners are more than welcome as well. I can really enjoy watching a submissive enjoy his or her first BDSM experience.. #cantravel

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